We have now seen Avatar. I can but agree with former reviews, the story is utterly trite (the protagonist starts with smaller challenges and keeps practicing until he’s ready to meet the Level 20 Boss) but computer generated actors have definitely come of age. I was shaking all over when the film ended.

Some random things that came to mind:
  • Jacking into the avatar is visualised with a fly-through of a winding tunnel of lights. This was clearly the effect they spent the least effort on, did they use someone’s screensaver for that?
  • But for the rest: The textures, the textures! And the shaders! Amazing levels of detail!
  • A veteran marine comes up with the brilliant idea of a cavalry charge against heavy machine guns? They should have brought in some Ewoks to give them tactics training.
  • Or logistics. If you are bringing together several thousand warriors with their steeds into a small area, how are you handling the supplies issue? What did the latrine trenches look like?
  • While noble, the Na‘vi were savages, so of course they have to hunch over and lean forward to gingerly touch anything exceptional. And bare their teeth and hiss in anger.
  • So while they live in harmony with Life, the Universe and Everything, they still have a (male) warrior class. (Chief’s Daughters are always tomboys, so they get to fly and fight too.)
  • Sacred music sounds Western European all over the universe.
  • Did anyone else feel the Hometree was reminiscent of The Holt in ElfQuest? (And of Lothlórien, and of Endor, and of Athshe. Hmm, a trope, it seems.)
  • Jake Sully’s wasted legs were very convincing, were they also computer-generated?
  • Michelle Rodriguez is hot.
  • I was devastated to find that Sigourney Weaver smokes.
  • No longer can a standard single column be used for credits, the full screen width has to be used to fit in all the names.


Vakteln said...

Hemträdet har även jämförts med Grandmother Willow i Disneys Pocahontas! (Med vilken hela resten av storyn också jämförts)

kai said...

Sant. Det har t o m påpekats att Jake Sully har samma initialer som John Smith, fast det vet jag inte om jag bryr mig om att ta fasta på. Däremot sitter jag och tänker på fler likheter mellan Na‘vi och Alverfolket, som att de har fyra fingrar, spetsiga öron och telepatisk kontakt med sina riddjur. (Fast de är väl fyra gånger så långa som alver.) Fler likheter?