Finished model 2016-I and II

Porco Rosso is the best aviation film I know and is set in a 1920s whose æsthetics, both in aircraft design and clothing, appeal to me. FineMolds make exquisite models, often based on films or games. It so happened that I by different persons was gifted 1:48 scale FineMolds models of both Porco Rosso and Fio Piccolo from their based-on-the film aircraft models. Originally the plan was to build Porco Rosso’s aircraft for the 1920s theme exhibition at the club's yearly competition, but as usual I didn’t get it finished in time. Instead, inspired by the club’s figure painting course, I painted the pair of figures and eventually entered them at VIII Atvirame Vilniaus stendinių modelių konkursas, placing 3rd in the “Plastic, figurines and busts” category.