There and back again

Yesterday my friend Stellan showed me that it's possible to go on a day trip abroad for all of 60 SEK. To be more precise, we went to Åland with M/S Eckerö. The ridiculously low price, including bus travel Stockholm ↔ Grisslehamn, is clearly intended to be compensated by you buying lots of taxfree booze. They made a loss on us.

On Eckerö you end up basically in the middle of nowhere, which was just what we needed—we walked down the coast, found a nice rock cleft and then sat there the rest of the day watching the waves and a flock of eiders catching fish. (Well, I took the opportunity to send off a few messages around the world, but mostly I did nothing too.)

Still, a bit strange to travel several hundred kilometres just for the pleasure to do nothing.


Vakteln said...

Ja det har jag lyckats göra halva lovet, i mitt eget hem! I'm way ahead of you, man.

ArchAsa said...

My kids are as I write this arriving on Åland with their grandfather, for a weeks stay at his wife's family's island. Me, I'm back at the office, working hard at hardly working and trying not to be too horribly jealous.

Åland is utterly lovely and compltely underestimated. I hope it stays both.