With this in our past, where is our future?

The Only-Begotten Daughter's theatre class gave a play again: Animal Farm.
They might have benefitted from a few more rehearsals, but overall they acquitted themselves well, with sterling performances by “Boxer” and “Benjamin”.
Watching the animals starve and rebuild their windmill again and again I wondered what lies ahead for these bright kids, if they can look forward to a reasonably privileged life or if they will have to struggle for their lives through upheaval and famine—certainly even Sweden was a much harsher place to live just a hundred years ago. Hasse Alfredsson has expressed it so much better than I.

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Vakteln said...

Jag tittar och tittar på den här bilden och är fortfarande lika förvirrad... Jag var helt säker på att jag stod på andra sidan scenen under den här passagen. För sjutton! Johan (Boxer) tackar i alla fall för komplimangen.