I proclaim today to be the first day of summer: almost 300 K, few scattered cumulus clouds and Quarneval! As usual I sat on the wall outside Stockholm City Library and dangled my feet above Sveavägen. There will be better quality images on the Quarneval website, but here are some of my own snaps:

The Quarneval princess, with bodyguards.

The Pipes and Drums of the First Royal Engineers.

Not quite as disciplined: Osquar Mutter.

From the School of Computer Science and Engineering: Mother Fokker with Baby Fokker. (Uncle Fokker is tailing behind, out of view.) Note the guy carrying the tailplane that apparently fell off at an early stage.

Sushi con Quarne with Japanese whale hunters.

Love Hero.

Gislaved Drum & Drill Corps. A quite unique sound with lots of cow bell.

Sometimes you just have to split up.

Last in the parade as always: Mosquito, followed by dancing, swaying, walking Stockholmers.

A most unusual perspective: walking in the middle of Sveavägen. It's really very beautiful this way.

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