Used up

John Feeney has an article in the Guardian arguing that it is not sufficient to cut down on our resource consumption per capita, but that the total human population has to be brought down for us to survive as a species. Or, in other words, the population will be brought down, but we have to decide whether to do it by starvation or contraception.
Worryingly enough the majority of comments seem to just deny the stated facts without reasoning or arguments, just screaming "NO!" like so many Star Wars characters.


Martin said...

Yeah, we need a global single-child policy. One way to get there is to give girls in the Third World better education. This for some reason makes them far less willing to have many kids.

kai said...

The realisation that there is a choice, one presumes. Of course this engenders(!) resistance from those who traditionally have called the shots and would prefer to continue to do so.