World Population Day

It is World Population Day today. The population of the world has doubled within my lifetime. This is not unconnected to global warming, environmental degradation and species extinction.
Unfortunately, all too many governments, even those that pay lipservice to environmental issues, seem bent on further increasing their populations. I see a faint glimmer of hope in the report by the Optimum Population Trust that exhorts the UK government to encourage a voluntary two-child limit in the country and cites evidence that even voluntary efforts actually lead to good results. I have written to my MP and asked that this idea be promoted in Sweden too. You can do so too, addresses to all MPs can be found here.


Martin said...

Errr... Two children per couple would entail a significantly increased nativity in Sweden.

Who's "your" MP and how do I find out who's mine?

Martin said...

Snälla, stäng av kommentarsmoderationen! Så mycket spamkommentarer får du väl inte? Om jag börjar göra reklam för dasepiller och lägenheter på spanska solkusten så kan du ju fimpa de inläggen när du får e-postmeddelandena.

kai said...

Oh, so it would in Britain too. But if nobody has more than two children, there will still be quite a few that have one or zero.

I just selected a random representative for (mp) in Stockholm and decided he must be my MP.

I guess you voted in Stockholm county, so pick some suitable elected person from this list.

kai said...

Ett tag fick jag en förskräcklig massa spam, men det har varit lugnt nu sista tiden, så jag provar att stänga av moderering och ser vad som händer.