Music in Finnish

When I was young, hit songs were normally translated in every European country and artists on international tours sang in the local language of each stop as a matter of course, but at least in Sweden (Anglo-Saxon) music is hardly ever translated these days.

Now I stumbled on a treasure trove: FINNPICKS, where “DM” methodically goes through Finnish covers of popular music with comments in English giving bios of the artists, the history of the original version (and quite often the original artist is not the one who made the song famous) and full-length recordings of both the original and the Finnish version (or sometimes versions, when there have been notably different renditions of either). I grew up to this music.

Many covers are fairly straight-forward translations, or at least retaining the spirit of the original, but some have completely unrelated lyrics, which always makes for an amusing shock.


Martin said...

Like the German versions the Beatles laid down of some of their early hits.

kai said...

Yep. Not to mention the Monty Python episode in German, which I’ve found to be quite unfunny, see e g The Bavarian Restaurant.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't seem any weirder (less weird) or more inappropriate, to me, than yer typical Monty Python sketch. After all, what's the point of a Hello, is anyone there? Mary, I can't get this thing to work.