From the Tourist Board of Västerbotten

Some holiday snaps:

The bog on top of Nalovardo. Needs more elk, says Honeybuns.


Waterpolished rock at Mårdseleforsen. Honeybuns used this as a slip-and-slide in her youth.


Serious forest in Vindeln. This is a couple of kilometres from the town centre.

Fir forest

Storsjö is getting depopulated.

A very decrepit barn

Not visible in the photographs are the mosquitoes. One evening Honeybuns noted with some concern that I had a biggish rash on my arm and wondered what had happened. I responded, with some surprise that she had to ask:
“It’s a mosquito bite, and here’s another, and another, and another, and another, and another…”
“What!? You’re not immune?”
Oh, so that’s why people manage to live up here…

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