Dress code

I don’t have very good memory for faces, so that I didn’t quite recognise the fellow coming towards me in the street was no surprise, but the T-shirt he wore came from a data communications workshop small and obscure enough that I knew all participants and it had been twenty years; accordingly I greeted him cordially.

It turned out that while he liked the T-shirt a lot, he had no idea what it represented—he’d been given it at the homeless shelter.

I think this is what sartorially immaculate Honeybuns has been trying to tell me: hobos look just like computer scientists.


Martin said...

Haha, wonderful! Me & my wife love this entry. You should have bought the guy's shirt!

kai said...

Yes, I thought I had mine still around in the wardrobe, but I can’t find it, so must have worn it to pieces long ago. Too late now.