Folk music

Lately I've been listening a lot to Hootenanny Singers. In spite of the name their thing was singing sugary harmonies of Swedish standards. Their heyday would have been when I was very small, so I don't consciously remember having heard them, yet they are well familiar, so I must have heard others hum the songs they had on Svensktoppen for weeks and weeks at the time.

Now I found a very rare piece, the Russian song Катюша performed in Finnish by the Hootenanny Singers, and while they're doing their best they have an utterly cute Swedish accent. :-)


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed that immensely & intend to bookmark it. :-)

I don't know any Finnish and was totally deaf to the cute Swedish accent, but I did notice a typo in the text: at 1:23, "lostaa" for "loistaa".

kai said...

Hmm, now that you mention it, I have no idea what ”puuttaja” means. Googling it turns only up hits to these lyrics. I’ll ask Mum.

kai said...

Mum had no idea either. “Maybe it’s Karelian, they have so many strange words.”

thnidu said...

Google's not much help. 15 hits:
7 of them from your blog
4 quoting the lyrics
2 in word lists*
1 in Latvian ("puut taja")*
1 in Finnish about gaming*

The last one, heh, was obviously a gamer even before I saw that the page title mentioned Runescape: "puuttaja pwn puun vessastaja pyllystäjä".

* last 4 here

kai said...

Interesting words you found :-) A ”pyllystäjä” is a mooner, a ”vessastaja” someone who is concerned with loos, presumably one who spends a lot of time in them.