Busy doing nothing

I have spent a relaxing weekend at a friend's summer house in the archipelago with no network connectivity and barely functioning electricity. For some reason there were almost no mosquitos about, those that I've had to fight with all earlier summers. On the other hand I saw some fascinating reptiles. On the path up from the cove I heard a rustle and turned in time to see an all-black snake, probably an adder, glide through the bilberry sprigs.

Today, going to the boat jetty we found a beautiful slow-worm lying very still across the path. Not even my camera flash perturbed it, it patiently waited for us to leave. I was very excited as I hadn't seen a slow-worm in nature since I was a small child. Imagine then my surprise when I got home and found another slow-worm crawling across the path just across from my house. This one had apparently been harassed by someone (maybe Ivar) as its tail had been lost.

Anguis fragilis


Christina said...

den ser nästan inte riktig ut. lite som stål. låter som en fin we!

kai said...

Ja, ”kopparödla” är ett högst passande namn. Lite förvånande är att de blev fridlysta för bara några år sedan, men kanske håller stammen på och repar sig nu.

christina said...

stammen? det växer ju inga blad på'n?

kai said...

Nä, det var väl dem som igelkotten åt upp.