In the top 6%

With the Intel Mac I've gone over to marking only every 10000 points, otherwise every second posting would be a new certificate.


thnidu said...

But what is it???

kai said...

Folding@Home, one of these distributed computing efforts. All my computers run a lowest-priority background process which does molecular dynamics simulations of protein folding and sends the results back to Stanford, where they generate insight and papers. Currently some 250000 computers around the world contribute CPU time to the effort. The certificate shows that I've contributed 51000+ computation units to the project and the proud title exclaims that that means I am in the top 6% of CPU time contributors, which in other words means I have computers with a lot more power than is needed for just doing word processing, databases and web surfing. :-)

thnidu said...

Ah ha. I figured it was something of the kind. I used to run SETI@home.