Another bridge

Paul Simon often reworks his music quite considerably. I was unaware of this early version of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” with different lyrics.


thnidu said...

Well, that surprised me. I have the LP* whose cover is the graphic -- have had, roughly since it came out -- and of course the first two verses are unchanged, if memory serves, at least up to "In darkened rooms". (BTW, what's the Stones cover doing in there?) And in the break ("Sail on...") at first I wasn't sure if I was hearing differences or not, because my headset here has a broken or cracked wire and I was only getting one channel of the stereo. But it is definitely different. Where'd you find this version?

* Oh, that's archaic, isn't it? Everyone says "vinyl" now, when they mention it.

kai said...

Oh, I found it on YouTube of course :-) All kinds of stuff comes up when you surf long enough. I understand it is a demo version done during the recording of what became the “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” album. It is interesting to note that much of the arrangement is there, but the lyrics are still in flux.