No sale

A phone number I didn’t recognise called me. It turned to be so-and-so from my ISP calling me.
“Do you have a minute?”
Depends, are you trying to sell me something?
“Eh, no, no, I’m, eh, doing a survey.”
Well, OK.
“So, have you heard of the new TV channels we carry, ch…”
[bluntly] I don’t watch TV.
“Er, uh, you have a TV set, but don’t watch it?”
Have no TV at all.
[baffled] “Why?”
Nothing interesting to watch.
[rallying] “But these new channels…”
“Ah, uh, right, I see that I’m calling you on a mobile phone. What about your home phone?”
This is it.
“Oh, ah. It looked like a mobile on…”
Correct, I have no landline. This is my home phone.
“Oh. Uh, how much do you pay for it a month?”
About a 100 SEK.
“Uh, so you don’t call a lot…”
No, I don’t.
“Ah, uh, well, thank you for help then.”

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