Older than ever before

Today my youngest, my Only-Begotten Daughter, comes of age.

Against all (my) expectations, their mother and I have managed to bring up two fine human beings, who by all accounts should do well, by themselves and by others. Yet whenever I see them, superimposed on their gangly figures are the newborn baby, the sweaty sleeping toddler, the sick and crying child, the joyfully running pre-schooler, the earnest pupil, the love-lorn teen. I still want to protect them and I fear for their future, but they have to fend for themselves and they’ll do fine, they’ll do fine.


Martin said...

Three cheers for your bright daughter!

If there are any kids I do not worry about at all, then they're yours. Wise beyond their years, both of them.

OBD said...

Men det är väl någon, förutom Dunderklumpen, som påstår att man är alla åldrar man någonsin har varit. Det stämmer tror jag! Men det känns konstigt att jag har varit ett barn i hela mitt liv och nu kommer jag vara en vuxen resten av livet istället. Världen är märklig!

thnidu said...

Ahh. :-) And maybe this evening I'll post about this morning's phone call from DAUGHTER, who's teaching in Japan.