You cheat!

I've spent the day playing with Denephew. I've never understood the principle of letting a weaker opponent win, so at one point he yelled: “You have to run slower, that's what adults do when they play with children!” Bah, he fits in narrower spaces than me*, so no mercy!

*) Here's another tip: If you play hide-and-seek and you know where the kid has hidden, you don't have to immediately retrieve them if you need a breather.


Vakteln said...

Du och dina gelikar som bara vill uppfostra barnen till desillusionerade cyniker.

kai said...

Nah, det verkar ni klara så bra själva, så.

Vakteln said...

Inte jag, jag tror fortfarande på blommor och kärlek och pepperland!