A puzzling event

During our long Christmas holiday Honeybuns and I spent some time doing jigsaw puzzles. It seems that puzzle makers too are feeling the pressure from all other possible time-wasters, so while Ravensburger persist with the classical alp landscapes, Jumbo have lots of various gimmick puzzles. What caught our fancy was their line of „Wasgij?“ puzzles. In spite of the Dutch name, the subjects are very British. The gimmick is that the cover image on the box does not match the image on the puzzle, rather you get the view from behind the upset people on the box image.

Here is the “Home makeover” puzzle:

Another effect of the apparently decreasing sales of jigsaw puzzles is that the assortment available in shops is quite limited, the best range I've found so far is at Akademibokhandeln in Stockholm and even that isn't very impressive.

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