My toaster is toast

My toaster, a Philips Toastissimo, has lately shown some reluctance at ejecting the toast when it is done, preferring to keep heating it until I notice the smell, or, once I became aware of the problem, watch the toasting process closely and give the handle a little push at the right moment. Now, a likely hypothesis is that there is a spring inside that has lost some of its spring. This should be easily fixable by either replacing the spring or adjusting its attachment, so I attacked the toaster with a screwdriver (after having disconnected it from the socket).
On the far end of the toaster the screws were normal Philips screws and the end plastic was easily removed, but there was nothing to adjust there. OK, so the business end then, but there the screwdriver just slipped on the screws and after I had peered at the heads for a while I realised that they had one-way heads that screw but don't unscrew. No user-serviceable parts inside, and we've made sure you won't even attempt to service them. So, much annoyed I have to toss the toaster in the electrical equipment recycling bin and then go out to find a new toaster—one which is user-serviceable, if I can find one.

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