Evil and not

Many years ago, I and my parents were staying at the house of an elderly couple in our circle of acquaintances. Naturally, I first checked out their bookshelf. It wasn't very big, and mostly contained various Christian tracts and other religious literature, but interspersed with this was books with titles like 21st Century Weapons Systems and Lebanon, Pearl of the Mediterranean which did not seem at all at home with the rest of the fare. The conversation during the day revealed that our hosts were expecting Armageddon in the near future and I realised they simply had been boning up on where and how the End Times would take place.

I was rather put off by these apparently nice people joyfully looking forward to the destruction of the entire Universe and spent the rest of the weekend looking very grim. Or so I thought. On the way home my mother told me the couple's daughter had complimented her on how kind eyes I had. Foo! So, no surprise that I've failed the evilness test:

How evil are you?

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