But for my own part I’m fine. We spent New Year’s eve at K’s home over a most exquisite dinner. We also test-played Orangino. No clue why it’s named that way, but the box is very orange. The idea of the game is that you pick cards which each contain a claim about your character and then you and and all the others state how well that claim fits you. If your assessment agrees with that of your friends, you get points. Clearly the way to win is to assess yourself the way you suspect your friends see you, not necessarily truthfully (and of course, it might be argued that your truth does not necessarily trump your friends’s truth(s) anyway). In the end, I won, Honeybuns exclaiming: “…because you’re such a caricature of yourself!” Yeah, I guess I manage to keep my public face on even in private.

Eventually we trudged off through a thickening snowfall to Skansen where we caught the last bit of the New Year’s show (we didn't actually see any of it, coming so late we ended up behind some thousands of others), sang along and cheered at the new year. The snowfall allowed us to see only the most powerful of the fireworks, but K had brought along sparklers that we waved around and also handed out to some tourists who hadn’t thought of bringing their own pyrotechnics.

We slipped and slid down the hill from Solliden and wandered homewards. I thought there were fewer over-inebriated revellers out than usual, possibly due to the snowfall. It wasn’t all that cold though, probably just around 270 K, but I still winced at the sight of various young women walking around in short skirts and ultra-thin pantyhose.


OBD said...

Jag hade en mycket lugn och stilla nyårsafton i en lägenhet vid Hornstull. Kvällens dramatiska höjdpunkt var då vi ringde brandkåren för att det brann på Högalidskyrkans tak! "Det är några som ringer om Högalidskyrkan igen" sade hon på larmcentralen till någon i bakgrunden. Det sitter tydligen en orange strålkastare på taket som ser misstänkt mycket ut som eld när den lyser på omkringflygande snö. Ack ja!

kai said...

Nå, bättre ringa en gång för mycket än en gång för lite.