I haven’t been very happy with the Harry Potter films, because they’ve failed to depict the characters in favour of special effects. However, I had heard good things about the latest film and when Honeybuns and I were in Sigtuna for the Christmas market, the crowds and the cold made us decide the local cinema looked promising, so in we slunk. (Notice: they don’t accept credit cards.) Two and a half hours later we got out again into a dark Sigtuna, where the last market stands were just being taken down.

The film series has clearly matured, the special effects had finally been made to serve the story and not the other way around, there was some serious interaction between the characters, and there were reasons to care about them. I even found it positive that the music wasn’t by John Williams. I think I will want to see the final part this summer.


Vanka said...

Jag var glad att det kändes som en av de få filmer där de inte gjort brutala ändringar i handlingen! Fast Xenophilius Lovegood var inte lika charmig som jag tänkt mig </3

kai said...

Jaa och Bellatrix var bara kackelgalen i filmen, det stämde inte heller riktigt med min uppfattning, men det var mer petitesser i sammanhanget.