The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain are currently on tour in Sweden and I took the Posse to their concert at Scalateatern, which was a great hit. Early in the first set they played their version of “Life on Mars”, which I’ve always been fond of. Later on Hester Goodman sang “Shiver me timbers” most beautifully. I frequently wished I'd been able to pause, rewind, and single-step the performance to see how on Earth they managed to get all those sounds out of their instruments.

The audience managed to wring two extra numbers out of the Orchestra and then they graciously signed CDs and DVDs in the foyer. I suggested they should cover Albatross, which they apparently had been thinking about as well. Remember, you heard it here first.

On the way home I mused that just as you have sing-alongs on concerts, you should be able to do play-alongs, but of course, they have already done exactly that:

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