Today, 67 years ago — IV

The pick of the day’s news:
  • Luftwaffe attempts a raid against London in retaliation for the “Jewish air terror” the night before, but are forced back by intense AA fire.
  • Hitler has proclaimed that all Jews in Europe will be finally exterminated. Das Schwarze Korps considers this a just punishment for the Jews having started World War I.
  • German troops have retreated at Demyansk and Rzhev faced with overwhelming numerical superiority. German forces however advance at Slavyansk. The Germans also retreat in Tunisia, chased by British troops.
  • The Royal Navy has built 900 ships since the beginning of the war, reports First Lord of the Admiralty Alexander. US Secretary for the Navy Frank Knox warns that the US Navy has to expect personnel losses of ten percent.
  • Only 10% of the Swedish people expect the war to last two more years. Axis propaganda argues that time is on their side, as the Allies surely cannot hold out much longer.
  • Hakkila was not able to form a government either, now Edwin Linkomies gets the chance.
  • Touched by the letter from the sailor’s widow, an anonymous donor gives a large sum to the National Fund for the Victims of the Sea War.
  • Zarah Leander’s latest film Damals is a great success at its Berlin opening. Greer Garson receives an Academy Award for her role as Mrs Miniver. [Her acceptance speech was the longest ever at 5:30 minutes.]
  • Svend Asmussen has been forced to cancel his tour in Sweden as he has been denied an exit visa. His orchestra has received their permits, but won’t leave without him.
  • Burglars have attempted to steal clothes at Helgagatan 36 but been frightened and left with only a pair of boots.
  • 70 participants have already registered for Vasaloppet the following week. [In 2010 the number of participants is 56000.]
  • Nancy and Sluggo continue to steal scrap metal on behalf of the war effort. King realises his gun is unloaded but one of the suspicious-looking figures from before turns up at the last moment with his rifle.
  • Cederroths introduce delicious Cedrox carrot flakes.


Martin said...

US Secretary for the Navy Frank Knox warns that the US Navy has to expect personnel losses of ten percent.

Does he expect them to get killed? Or does this refer to expected funding cuts?

delicious Cedrox carrot flakes

As breakfast cereal? Instead of potato crisps? Wall insulation?

kai said...

Killed yes, there was no question of cutting down on military funding at this time.

Should we believe the ad Cedrox probably worked equally well as breakfast cereal, snack and wall insulation. Strangely enough for such an excellent product they don’t exist anymore.