Finished model 2007-III

HMS Victory, Royal Navy. Model from Airfix, scale 1/600, donated by my daughter. It has been suggested that two different people made the port and starboard halves of the moulds for this model; I think it was the same person, just before handing in his resignation. Definitely the moulds can be recycled with no loss.


John Bowers said...

It may interest you, Kai, that Thomas Slade, who designed the Victory, is buried in my home town of Ipswich. In fact, his grave lies less than 20 meters away from where I drink beer in enough quantities to soften the edges before every Ipswich Town home game. As I will tomorrow. The pub is called the Lord Nelson, changing its name in his honour when he was given a local honorary title just as Lady Nelson was installed in a grand house on the outskirts of the town. This adequately exiled her from London and closer access to those of Horatio's various activities which might cause her and, him in turn, embarrassment. Ipswich is that kind of place.

kai said...

Ah yes, we've been to the Lord Nelson, haven't we?

I wish you and Ipswich all the luck in the match, which I guess starts about now.