The world gets a little sadder every day

Nattsudd in its first incarnation was a surreal TV programme with bizarre clips of long-forgotten artists. One night they showed a grainy clip of a 1960s rock band, the members seemingly middle-aged gentlemen in suits, ties and horn-rimmed glasses, doing some kind of spastic aerobics while singing "You were made for me" in unembarrassed falsetto. Clearly they were having and making fun of the entire rock band thing. This was Freddie and the Dreamers.

While I have their music, they, if anyone, must have been best experienced live so I got the idea to search for them on YouTube and indeed there were several wonderful clips there but also the sad news that Freddie had passed away earlier this year, barely old enough to be retired.

Let us remember him and the other Dreamers yet awhile by watching the videos and visiting the fan sites.

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