Making fun of people

Avigsidan has always been a reliable source of found misprints, malapropisms and mistranslations.

Now, for the spoken word, Salto Sobrius has found no less than two eavesdropping sites, Tjuvlyssnat in Swedish and Overheard in New York in US English.

From the latter, something that really should be sad, but for some reason made me laugh hysterically:

Amherst alum: So we're looking over the applications, and there are all these amazing kids. Won the Westinghouse, worked for the UN. And the questions: "Who do you most look up to?" "My parents, because they're immigrants, and they taught me to work hard." And with each of them it's like, "in". And then we get to this one, it's like, "What's a recent intellectually stimulating experience?" The answer is, "I love my dog, walking my dog." Stuff like that. On and on, really ridiculous. And then, "Who do you most look up to?" The answer: "my parents, especially my dad. He's the President of the United States." And we look at each other, and Steve is like, "in."

And just to have something aviation oriented, Airline Pilots Forum has a thread on the funniest thing heard over the radio. Somewhat lower standards with the best quote being:

A former Shorts pilot told me about flying a white painted Shorts "Skypig" with brown trim. His rock bottom day as a pilot was when ATC told traffic behind him to "follow the white Shorts with the brown streak."

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