Took the bike out for a spin

Got my bike back from the repair shop and went out for the first outing of the season (yeah, it's late, but I just haven't felt like it). I decided I would bike down to work and see how long it took me. At a fairly leisurely pace I was there faster than public transport would have gotten me, but was also nauseous and seeing spots.

I rested a bit and then tried an alternate route back. It seems that bicyclists are supposed to go from Hornstull to Slussen by Söder Mälarstrand. Well, that's not so bad, you could say it's the scenic route, but I noted that even if you carefully followed signs and traffic rules you found yourself after a while realising the bicycle lane is in fact on the other side of the road. This is a not uncommon trick played by the bike-haters that have planned the bike lanes in Stockholm. Eventually I found a crossing where I could get over to the other side and then continue to the really scary bit behind Riddarhuset with the right-angle turn around the corner of a house.

Indeed, biking is a constant adrenaline thrill and an excellent chance to get killed.

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