Because reasons, I was watching a radar plot of the airspace around Stockholm, when I noticed a small jet moving fast and high over the Baltic. Out of constant curiosity I googled it, and found that someone was commuting between Leer-Papenburg and Turku—out from Germany in the morning, back in the evening, a flight of less than two hours one way. Who could this be? The plane is registered to an unnamed private owner, but after a bit of discussion with a German colleague the connection became clear: Meyer Werft is located in Papenburg and they have since 2015 owned Meyer Turku, in Turku. Apparently the CEO of the latter, Tim Meyer, prefers to live in Germany and commute to his office in Finland every day. Meanwhile Stockholm public transport is struggling financially.

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And of course: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/may/01/private-jet-sales-likely-to-reach-highest-ever-level-this-year-report-says